Thursday, December 15, 2011

Central/Southern Plains Rainfall Update...

As you can see on the above radar image, rainfall is widespread from central and eastern Texas into the middle Mississippi Valley at this hour.

The image below shows rainfall totals as of 6am CST this morning (scale in inches on the right):

Additional rainfall, some locally heavy, has taken place today and will continue into tonight.  

The series of images below show the HPC's rainfall forecast at 24 hour intervals.  The first is from 6pm CST today through 6pm CST Friday:

The rainfall is forecast to lessen and shift Southward for the period 6pm CST Friday through 6pm CST Saturday:

...and 6pm CST Saturday through 6pm CST Sunday:

...and will increase in coverage and dramatically increase in intensity for the 2 day period from 6pm CST Sunday through 6pm CST Tuesday:

Stay tuned for a more detailed post regarding the Monday and Tuesday storm system (as alluded to on the last image above)...

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