Friday, May 4, 2012

Severe Weather Threat Across a Broad Region of the Country Today...

Above is the latest severe weather outlook for today and tonight from the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman, OK. Severe thunderstorms are forecast within the yellow shaded areas on the image.

As you can see, a severe weather threat is forecast across a rather broad area from the central Plains through the Midwest and Ohio Valley, into the Delmarva and Long Island regions along the Atlantic coast.  Another threat will exist along and ahead of the dryline from southcentral Oklahoma into southwest Texas.

The following image shows the probability of severe hail events, with very large hail (2 inches in diameter or larger) a distinct possibility within the black hatched areas:

Damaging thunderstorm winds are possible with most any severe storm that forms throughout the yellow shaded risk areas today.  

While an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out with any particularly well organized severe thunderstorm today, the greatest chance is expected to reside within the brown shaded area on the following image:

This includes the cities of Valentine, Norfolk and Sioux Falls, into much of northwestern Iowa.

Thunderstorms will become most numerous during the heat of the mid to late afternoon into this evening, which also coincides with the greatest threat of severe weather as far as timing goes.

If you live or have travel plans across the severe weather threat areas for today, please remain alert.  Listen to NOAA Weather Radio, local media or another trusted source for later information, watches and warnings.

Review your severe weather safety tips now, and make sure that you've identified your best sheltering option should severe weather threaten your area.

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