Saturday, May 19, 2012

Severe Storms Possible Central Plains Today...

Above is the latest severe weather outlook for today from the SPC in Norman, OK. Severe storms are forecast within the yellow shaded area on the image.  

Storms are forecast to develop along and ahead of a cool front/dryline feature by mid to late afternoon and continue into this evening.  Very large hail will be  the greatest threat.  Hailstones could exceed 2 inches in diameter within the red shaded and black hatched area on the image below:

Damaging thunderstorm wind gusts and isolated tornadoes are also possible.  A tornado would primarily become a risk with any storm that is able to remain isolated and become well organized, especially within the brown shaded area on the following image:

Its been awhile since we've had a severe weather threat across the region, so I'm afraid that some may have been lulled into a false sense of security during the month of May.  Folks living across this region should pay attention to the weather this afternoon and evening.  Take a few minutes this morning to review severe weather safety tips and be sure to identify your best sheltering option - that way you can go there quickly if threatening weather is observed or a warning issued.

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