Monday, May 7, 2012

Severe Weather Update: Austin / San Antonio Corridor Along I-35 in Southcentral Texas...

A recent radar from the New Braunfels, TX site is shown above.  As you can see, a large cluster of thunderstorms, some of which are severe, continues to move East/Southeast out of the San Angelo area, with additional activity developing between that cluster and the I-35 corridor near Austin.  Meanwhile, activity is approaching the Texas/Mexico border from the West as well.  

All of this activity will congeal into a large complex of thunderstorms and move East/Southeastward across southcentral Texas this evening.

At this time, it appears that widespread activity will threaten the I-35 corridor from Austin-San Antonio after 6 to 7pm, with isolated activity possible ahead of the main complex between now and then.

Large hail, some in excess of 2 inches in diameter, gusty winds of 50-60 mph and very heavy rainfall of 1-2 inches per hour is likely with severe storms within the complex.

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect for the region until 11pm, including both Austin and San Antonio.

If you live along the I-35 corridor, please remain alert this evening and be prepared to seek shelter immediately if threatening weather approaches your area.

Due to workload constraints, I am not likely to make very many formal blog posts on this event during the evening.  I am much more likely to make a facebook and/or twitter post... so please be sure to follow me on one or both by going to the links below if you are interested:

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