Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Large Dust Devil Caused Structural Damage in Las Vegas Yesterday...

Dust devils are not an uncommon site at all in the desert region that Las Vegas calls home, but it is fairly unusual for one to cause structural damage.  The above photo was taken by a viewer of Action13 ABC News in Las Vegas yesterday afternoon, April 7, 2012, and shows a large dust devil near the intersection of  Eastern and Owens Avenues.

Damage was done to the roof of a Family Dollar store in the area, as well as to a vacant restaurant, and a construction office trailer was lifted up and dropped on a concrete wall:

Numerous trees were also damaged, with some being completely uprooted.  For more on the damage, including a video, please go to the link at Action13 News.

You may notice one of the citizens toward the end of the interview looking up to the sky and asking "...where are the clouds?"  That's the thing about dust devils...there doesn't have to be a cloud in the sky for one to form.  

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