Tuesday, May 1, 2012

International Tornadoes This Week: Toulouse, France and Tripura, India...

Two noteworthy tornado events have taken place around the world in the last few days, one in France and the other in India.

First, on Sunday, a very picturesque tornado took place in the countryside of southern France, near Seysses and Toulouse:

by Julie Avetta - Near Toulouse

Here is a video of the same tornado as posted on YouTube by TheeAdrienn (not sure about the music in the background, but that's really not relevant):

...another (although very short) video by Krees Martin:

...and one by YouTube user "fabnils31", which also features the sound of hailstones hitting their vehicle:

Tornado near Toulouse, France - Photographer Unknown

Fortunately, it appears that the tornado tracked mostly through the countryside, and caused little to no damage or injuries.

Unfortunately, the folks in Tripura, India weren't so lucky when a tornado tracked through their region on Monday.  A farmer was killed and 175 other people were injured by this tornado.

According to media reports, hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed, numerous trees were uprooted and "hundreds of telephone and electrical poles were destroyed..." which has affected not only communications but access to roads, etc.

Severe weather hit the region hard during the month of April, with 11 people killed as a result of either severe storms and/or lightning strikes in Tripura.

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