Saturday, May 19, 2012

Update on Tropical System off Carolina Coasts...

Visible Satellite Loop

The National Hurricane Center finally seems to be coming around to acknowledging the fact that we're dealing with something tropical off of the Carolina coasts.  If the system continues to develop as forecast, we may be dealing with Tropical Storm Alberto by tonight.

The latest visible satellite image is shown above, and I've also added a widget underneath the "Latest Headlines" box on the blog homepage.  The widget will update in real time throughout the life of the system.  Depending on the type of browser you're using, you may need to "refresh" if they don't do so automatically every once and awhile.  The images themselves will update about every 15 minutes.  A loop of the imagery is available at this link.

Right now, thinking has not changed since my last update, so please see that post for additional details.  Folks along the Carolina Coasts should continue to monitor this system over the weekend.

I'll post another full update later today, or earlier if conditions warrant...

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