Monday, May 14, 2012

Tropical Season Getting a Head Start in the Pacific...

Tropical weather season "officially" begins tomorrow in the Pacific basin, but Tropical Depression One apparently missed that memo. The system has already formed about 645 miles South of Manzanillo, Mexico this morning:

The system is currently drifting toward the West/Northwest and has a good chance of becoming Tropical Storm Aletta later tonight or early Tuesday morning:

The good news is that this system poses no threat to any land masses.

The tropical season begins on May 15th in the Eastern North Pacific, and on June 1 in the Atlantic basin.

Dr. William Gray and crew at Colorado State University (widely viewed as the long range tropical weather experts) are forecasting 10 named storms including 4 hurricanes in the Atlantic basin this year.  They are forecasting that 2 of those hurricanes will be of "major" intensity.

While I'm always intrigued to look at the long range forecast for the season, I always like to caution folks that it only takes 1 hurricane to hit the right (wrong) place at the right (wrong) time to be significant.  For that reason, you should always be prepared if you live in a hurricane prone area.

With that in mind, look for some safety tips for the upcoming season coming up over the next several days.  I'll also run down the list of Tropical Storm and Hurricane names for 2012 for you as well...

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