Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tornado Watch Upstate New York / Vermont...

I don't typically make posts about individual weather watch issuances anymore, especially with the "Severe Weather Watch" widget on the right hand side of the blog homepage that was added awhile back.

In this case, however, we've got a very unusual situation:  the issuance of a Tornado Watch for upstate New York, Vermont and western Massachusetts.

Thunderstorms are forming across the Hudson Valley region, and will become severe during the afternoon.  While large hail and damaging wind gusts are the primary threats, a few tornadoes cannot be ruled out, hence the issuance of the Tornado Watch.

I think another factor that plays into such a decision by the SPC is that tornadoes occur with relative infrequency in this region.  So, even an isolated tornado threat could potentially equate to a significant event in this region (and as we all know, everything is relative - especially when dealing with the weather!)

If you live across this region, please review your severe weather safety tips and be prepared to seek immediate shelter if threatening weather is observed or a warning is issued.

If you would like to monitor the regional radar, such as the image shown above, you can do so by going here.  You also have options to animate the imagery on that page as well.

If things get particularly active, we'll adjust a "floater" radar image with a close up view of the activity this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

big tornado just hit elmira, no powerm fires, big trees down, no cell phone service

Anonymous said...

did anyone die, my sister doctor says she has never seen anything like it