Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tropical Storm Beryl Continues to Organize; Tropical Storm Force Winds Nearing FL Coast...

Above is a high resolution visible satellite image showing the center of Tropical Storm Beryl at the center of the image. I have placed a red "X" at the center on the same image below for point of reference:

Thunderstorms have continued to develop and organize around the center during the afternoon, particularly within the Northwestern through Southeastern quadrants.  

You can't fully appreciate this visible imagery without seeing it animated.  Please go to this link to view the imagery in motion.  Caution:  it will take awhile for the frames to initially load, especially if you are on a slow internet connection.  The images are updated about every 10 minutes.  Use the "refresh" button on your browser to re-load the latest images (again, it will take awhile to reload each time you do this).

The center of the storm is still on track to make landfall along the Florida coast to the immediate South of the Jacksonville area, in the vicinity of St. Augustine, around Midnight tonight (EDT):

As of the 5pm EDT advisory, maximum sustained winds were estimated near 65 mph, with gusts just over hurricane force likely in stronger squalls.  A Hurricane Hunter aircraft is entering the system right now, and we may have further updates as to wind speed soon.

Tropical storm force wind gusts will spread onshore across northeast Florida shortly, and across adjacent portions of southeast Georgia by mid-evening.  Wind gusts to hurricane force will also be possible in this region.  Based on the current track and the current size of the wind field, the greatest risk of tropical storm force winds with gusts to hurricane force will extend from the Brunswick and St. Simon's Island, Georgia areas, Southward to near Palm Coast, Florida.

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