Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Band of Strong Storms Out West - No Widespread Severe Threat Currently...

A broad band of thunderstorms, some strong, continues out to the West of the I-35 corridor, currently extending from near Mason to the Mexico border Southeast of Eagle Pass.  This band is moving East at 20-25 mph, while individual storms within the band move Northeast at 45 mph.

The strongest storms within the line are currently Southeast of Eagle Pass, with gusty winds to 50 mph and marble size hail possible.

Based on the present location and movement, this activity will reach the I-35 corridor and the San Antonio-Austin areas around 4am CST.

It is unclear if the activity that has popped-up ahead of the line (currently located from San Antonio to near Kyle and Buda) will affect its prospects for becoming more organized or stronger over time.  We'll have to monitor this closely.

I'll provide another full update here on the blog around 2:30.  Until then, please monitor the facebook and twitter feeds (links are located at the top right corner of the blog homepage) for any "live" updates.

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