Monday, January 23, 2012

The Tornado Chronicles: Southeast Arkansas Tornadoes of 1-22-12

It appears that at least 5 tornadoes struck parts of southeastern Arkansas yesterday evening, January 22, 2012. The above image is an approximation of the possible tornado tracks based on radar and ground reports that have been received thus far.  The NWS in Little Rock is currently surveying the damage and additional details will be available over the next few days.

Most of the concentrated damage reports so far seem to be centered along the Dallas/Cleveland County lines near Fordyce:

Unknown structure near pool at Fordyce Country Club

Large tree uprooted near Fordyce (via Arkansas online)

Damage to a mobile home near Fordyce

Another large tree uprooted near Fordyce

Fortunately there have been no reports of fatalities or serious injuries in this region as of yet.

The National Weather Service in Little Rock has completed its survey of the damage near Fordyce, and has rated it EF-2 intensity.  They have determined that this particular tornado started 3 miles West/Southwest of Tornton in Calhoun County.

Please check back to this post for updates as more information becomes available throughout the day and this week...

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