Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Tornado Watch Issued MS Valley Region...

The SPC in Norman, OK has issued a Tornado Watch for the red shaded areas on the above image, valid until 12 Midnight this evening. This watch includes Little Rock and Memphis.  The enhanced wording of "This Is a Particularly Dangerous Situation with the Threat of Damaging Tornadoes" was used in this watch.

Thunderstorms are developing across central Arkansas and will increase in coverage and intensity as they move and develop to the East/Northeast this evening.

Damaging wind gusts in excess of 70 mph, hail up to golfball size and tornadoes are all possible with severe storms that form in this area.  One or two of the tornadoes that develop could be strong and/or long track.

Folks living in this region should remain on a high state of alert this evening.  Listen to NOAA Weather Radio or another trusted source for later statements and possible warnings.  Know where you would go now to seek shelter before severe weather threatens.

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1 comment:

Anthill_Goddess said...

I just noticed the first warnings coming out. Keeping them in my thoughts and prayers that everyone's fine come morning!