Monday, January 9, 2012

New Daily, Seasonal Snowfall Records Set in Midland, TX Today!

Moderate to heavy snow fell across much of westcentral Texas today, including the Midland/Odessa area (as pictured above in a photo by "ponderous76" - via twitter).

As of 4:10 PM CST, the National Weather Service office in Midland reported a snow depth of 7.0 inches, which was a new record for the date.  The old record was 5.9 inches set back in 1955.  Additional snow fell during the evening, with the final total at 10.6 inches.

The total of 10.6 inches of snow on Monday, January 9th set a record not only for that day, but was the greatest amount of snow ever recorded in any single day in the history of weather records at Midland.  The old record was 9.8 inches set on December 11, 1998.

The total snowfall for the season so far is 19.5 inches, which sets a new seasonal record as well.  The old seasonal record was 13.9 inches - set way back in the winter of 1946-1947!

Another view of the Midland snowfall - at midday along I-20

***The above information was updated at 7am CST on 1/10/12, to provide the final totals and record information for yesterday.  The remainder of the original blog post follows below:

Light to moderate snow, with some embedded heavier patches, is still falling across the region at this hour, as you can see on this short radar loop below (Midland is located near the left center portion of the image):

Another few inches of snow may accumulate in some areas before it begins to taper-off from West to East later this evening and early tonight.  A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for the Midland area until Midnight.

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