Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thunderstorms, Heavy Rainfall to Dominate Southern Plains Next Few Days...

Above is the latest severe weather outlook for today from the SPC in Norman, OK. Severe thunderstorms are forecast within the yellow shaded areas on the image.

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A cold front is sagging Southward into the region from the central Plains, and will interact with a moist, unstable atmosphere and upper-level energy to produce widespread shower and thunderstorm activity across the outlook area by this afternoon and into this evening and tonight.

Some of the stronger storms may produce hail and/or wind gusts near severe limits.  Widespread severe weather does not appear likely at this time due to the extensive shower and thunderstorm activity that will tend to limit instability across the region.  The most likely time for severe storms will be from late afternoon into early this evening.

Widespread, heavy rainfall will be an even bigger story across this and the surrounding region the next few days.  Below are the latest rainfall outlooks for today, tomorrow and Saturday from the HPC:

Rainfall Forecast for Thursday 3-8-12

 Rainfall Forecast for Friday 3-9-12

Rainfall Forecast for Saturday 3-10-12

Flash flooding will become a threat across much of the region, particularly those areas in central and eastern Texas within the darker purple shaded areas on the rainfall outlooks, which correspond to rainfall totals of 2-3 inches each day.  Any embedded locally heavy thunderstorms could easily double those rainfall totals as well, which would further aggravate a flooding threat.

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