Monday, March 19, 2012

Strong Rotation on Severe Storm Just SW of San Antonio...

Above is the latest image from the San Antonio area radar site.  Below is the same image in "velocity" mode, which shows the direction and speed of wind blowing toward and away from the radar.  The white circled area on each image (near Devine), shows the strong rotation that is indicated by the radar.  This means that a tornado is already on the ground, or a tornado could touch down at any time.

If you live in or just to the Northwest of Devine, Natalia and Lytle, you need to seek shelter immediately from this dangerous storm.  In addition to the threat of a tornado, very large hail (golfball size or larger) is also possible.  The large hail threat will extend North of the tornado threat, including the La Coste area.

This storm is moving Northeast at about 15 mph.  Folks ahead of the storm in southwest Bexar County, including the southwest side of San Antonio, should closely monitor the progression of this storm over the next couple of hours.

Listen to local media or another trusted source for the latest updates and possible warnings.  Make sure to identify your sheltering location ahead of time, that way you can get there quickly if a warning is issued for your area.

Severe weather can be especially dangerous at night.  Make sure that you have a way to receive severe weather warnings at night.

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