Monday, March 19, 2012

Severe Weather Update - Southcentral Texas Including I-35 Corridor from Austin to San Antonio...

The two severe storms that produced tornadoes in and/or near the San Antonio metro area during the last 1-2 hours have diminished, causing no more than rain showers at this time.

Meanwhile, as you can see on the radar image above, back to the West, a line of strong to severe thunderstorms is slowly advancing Eastward toward the I-35 corridor.

Many of these storms are severe, with large hail and strong, damaging wind gusts.  Based on their present rate of movement, this activity will reach the I-35 corridor, including the Austin-San Antonio areas, toward Midnight.  Tornado development also cannot be ruled out as this activity progresses Eastward.

Very heavy rainfall can also be expected, which will lead to flash flooding in some areas.  

If you live along I-35, including the Austin/San Antonio area, make sure that you have a way to receive severe weather warnings overnight.  Prepare your shelter area so that you can get there quickly if threatening weather is observed or a warning issued.

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