Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Tornado Chronicles: East Bernstadt, KY Tornado of 3-2-12...

A strong tornado tracked just to the North of East Bernstadt, KY during the evening of March 2, 2012. This tornado was rated EF-2 intensity by the National Weather Service (NWS) survey.  

The tornado touched down at approximately 7:05pm EST about 4.3 miles West of East Bernstadt and traveled for 6.3 miles before lifting about 3.6 miles North Northeast of East Bernstadt at approximately 7:12pm EST.

This tornado was approximately 310 yards wide and killed 5 people.

The above track map is via the NWS survey, and the corresponding groups of damage photos are shown below:

Location 1 - Northwest of East Bernstadt to the East of I-75:

Location 2 - North of East Bernstadt:

The tornado appears to have been the strongest near location 1, with estimated sustained winds of 125 mph.  This is also roughly the area in which several homes were heavily damaged or destroyed, and where the 5 fatalities took place.

This tornado was just one of many associated with the outbreak that took place across the Midwest, Ohio and Tennessee Valley region on Friday, March 2, 2012.  Please see this post for a "Table of Contents" index listing of the other Tornado Chronicles posts associated with the outbreak. 

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Anonymous said...

looks like they forgot about damage location #3

Anonymous said...

damage location #3 had enough power left in it to blow my 32x72 home into my semi truck and trairer and turn it over and destroy it and my home. then my home continued on thru the woods. there was 4 of us in the home and my semi did save our lives.