Monday, September 5, 2011

Remnants of Lee Spread Torrential Rains to the East and Northeast...

The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee are spreading widespread, torrential rains East and Northeastward into the Southeast U.S. and Tennessee Valley states this morning.  The above radar mosaic was taken just a few moments ago, and shows the most intense rains currently centered over much of Alabama.

Widespread rains of 4-6 inches with local amounts of 8-10 inches are forecast across much of the Deep South and into portions of the Tennessee Valley and Appalachians today:

There is a high potential for flooding of rivers and streams as well as flash flooding of low lying and poor drainage areas in this region today.  The highest risk lies within the red hatched area on the image below:

The threat of heavy rain and flooding will continue spreading Northeastward on Tuesday, with widespread 2-4 inch and local 6 inch rainfall amounts forecast in the purple shaded areas on the image below: 

If you live in these areas, it's still not too late to plan ahead for this event.  Make sure that you have the necessary supplies on hand for your severe weather emergency kit, and have a plan of action ready in case waters begin to rise or evacuation orders are given for your area.

Isolated tornadoes are always a threat in association with tropical systems, even those in a diminishing state such as the remains of Lee.  There is still plenty of "spin" associated with the remains of the system, which under the right conditions can produce tornadoes.  The SPC in Norman, OK is forecasting a "moderate" risk of severe weather mainly due to the tornado threat in assocation with the remnants of Lee today.  That threat area is outlined in red on the image below:

This includes the Birmingham, Atlanta, Columbus and Dothan areas.  Tornado watches are currently in effect for this region as well:

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Shamrock said...

Ok, Rob....please gimme the skinny on my weather for the evening and tomorrow So far we have gotten 2 inches of rain. Tornado watches are propping up all around us. Are we going to get the forecasted excessive I gonna hafta worry about tornadoes tonight/tomorrow? Thanks!

Rob In Texas said...

Shamrock, Sorry, I was unable to check the site for a time yesterday.

Looks like the worst of things passed off to your East as we expected. How much rain have you had so far? You might get some more later today or early tonight, but the worst of it appears to be over for you now...

Shamrock said...

2-3 inches probably...wasn't much at all. The yard is soggy. The tornado watches worried me. They were popping up right next to us...and also in the NWS outlook it had us under a 5% chance for tornados...I think it still has us as 2%! I noticed they are clearing the watches in NC/VA to our east and north....It's been very breezy here. Thanks for the update, Rob!