Saturday, September 17, 2011

Strong Rotation West of Wakita in far Northcentral Oklahoma

A Tornado Warning has been issued on the above storm located to the West of Wakita, Oklahoma. The rotating portion of the storm (indicated by the hook shaped echo on the left half of the above radar image) is currently approaching the Alfalfa/Grant county lines, moving East at about 15 mph.  

Storm chaser Ben Holcomb captured this image of a rotating wall cloud looking West from Grant county a few moments ago (via twitter):

Very large hail of golfball to tennis ball size is also possible with this storm.  On its present track, the rotation will pass immediately North of Sand Creek, and is moving generally toward the Wakita area at this time.

If you live in the path of this storm, please seek immediate shelter.

***Update 5:50 PM CDT:
Ben Holcomb just tweeted the following:

The storm is moving more toward the East/Southeast now.  Clyde, Medford and Jefferson are in the path of the most dangerous part of this storm as it moves East/Southeast at 15-20 mph.

***Update to add video 8:45 am 9/18/11:

The following video was posted on YouTube last night and corresponds quite well with Ben's tornado report from yesterday evening:

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