Saturday, September 17, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Tulsa Metro Area

The above image was just taken from the Tulsa radar, in reflectivity (rain, hail, etc.) mode. You can see a "fine line" moving out ahead of the main thunderstorm line, as noted by the white arrows.  This line signifies strong, damaging winds flowing out ahead of the main thunderstorm line.

This line is moving Southeast at 35-40 mph, and on its present pace will reach the Tulsa area by 9 o'clock this evening.  Gusty outflow winds could reach the city as early as 8:45 pm.

The image below is the same radar in wind speed and direction (velocity) mode.  The tip of the white arrow on this image shows where the radar is currently estimating a peak wind gust of 78 mph.  

Residents of the greater Tulsa area should prepare now for strong, possibly damaging wind gusts.  Move loose, light weight outdoor objects indoors or otherwise secure them to prevent them from becoming projectiles.  Stay away from windows as this line of storms approaches.  

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