Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tropical Update....Updated!

A couple of things have "developed" since my post earlier today regarding the tropics...

First, as forecast in my earlier post, the area of disturbed weather in the eastern Atlantic has been upgraded to Tropical Depression 14.  The latest satellite image and National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast track (through Sunday) are shown below:

Second, another area of disturbed weather has formed in the Atlantic.  This one is located about 500 miles East of the Leeward Islands (white circled area on the satellite image below), and will need to be monitored for further organization over the next few days:

The tropics are "heating-up" indeed.  September looks like it's going to be a very active month.  So that you can put things into perspective, I've taken the same satellite image above and labelled each of the systems that are currently being monitored in the Gulf and/or Atlantic Basin:

For full details in Katia and the disturbance in the Gulf, please see my earlier post....

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