Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Snow of the Season Tapering-Off In Rockies...

First, a few images of the snowfall from in and around the Denver Metro area today, via twitter:

The snow is tapering-off from North to South across Colorado at this hour...but not before dumping a lot of the white stuff up North overnight and earlier today...

A snowfall total of 3-6 inches was most common across the central and Eastern portions of the city of Denver, with 6-8 inches common in the West, closer to the Front Range.  Numbers within the blue boxes on the image below show the observed snow depth, in inches, as of 2pm CDT (1pm MDT):

It was a heavy, wet snow, and there are widespread reports of tree limbs (or in some cases, entire trees) being downed by the weight of the snow across the region, as shown in these images:

Snows are now tapering off across the Northern portions of the region, but light snow is still falling across southcentral Colorado into northeast New Mexico, as well as along the border with northwest and west-central Kansas:

Winter Weather Advisories and/or Winter Storm Warnings continue across southcentral Colorado into northcentral New Mexico into tonight, where widespread amounts of 1-3 inches and localized snowfall amounts of up to 6 inches can be expected.  Light snow or flurries are also likely in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles and extreme southwest Kansas tonight and early Thursday.  No significant accumulation is expected in this area at this time, mainly due to the warm ground temperatures.

I'll put up another post later this evening (or perhaps tomorrow morning) showing how the computer model forecasts performed on this event.

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