Sunday, October 9, 2011

Much Needed Rain Along I-35 Corridor - But Not a "Drought Buster"...

Above is the storm total rainfall estimate from the New Braunfels, TX doppler radar. I've zoomed in to the San Antonio-Austin corridor along I-35, which is located near the middle of the screen.  The widespread yellow shaded areas indicate 1.5-2.5 inch rains, while I've noted the 3" plus rains in the darker red and purple shaded areas.

The radar does generally well estimating rainfall in the widespread type event that we saw overnight.  As an example, my home is located at the tip of the red arrow on the zoomed-in image below:

The radar estimated right at 1.0 inch of rain for my location, and the rain gauge (as noted in black) showed 1.25 inches at 9am this morning.  Not a bad estimate on the radar's part...

While the rains are certainly welcome...they were no where near a drought buster.  It would take a month or more of rain like this every single day in order to break the extreme drought conditions that are in place across the region.

There will be an opportunity for additional rains later today.  We'll have to see how much the atmosphere was "worked over" by the overnight event and what impact that may have on redevelopment later today.

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