Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Leading Edge of Cold Blast Progressing Southward Through Texas...

The above image, produced by the Simu-AWIPS program, shows the leading edge of colder air moving Southward across northwest and northern Texas at this hour (green and blue shaded areas on the image).  The Southward spread of cold air will continue overnight, with strong and gusty Northerly winds in the front's wake across the region on Thursday.

Temperatures will average 10-20 degrees below normal tomorrow across much of the region, as indicated on the latest GFS forecast image shown below:

Widespread drizzle, very light rain and scattered showers will be possible behind the front across the region tonight and into Thursday as well, but unfortunately, the accumulation won't be significant enough to put a dent in the ongoing drought - but we'll obviously take whatever we can get:

As you can see by the HPC rainfall forecast image above, lcoalized amounts near 1 inch are possible mainly tonight across southern Oklahoma and extreme northwest Texas near the point of the initial frontal passage.  Further South on Thursday, rains will be relatively light and scattered, but will make for "raw" feeling conditions with the strong, gusty North winds and lower temperatures.

Light snow is likely to fall in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles tonight and early Thursday.  Significant accumulation is not expected at this time due to the warm ground temperatures.

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