Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hurricane Jova Slowly Approaching Mexican Coast...

Above are the most recent visible and infrared satellite images (respectively) of Hurricane Jova. The system is currently drifting North to North/Northeast at about 5 or 6 mph.  On this pace, the center of the system will move ashore along the Mexican coast between Manzanillo Municipality and Careyes this evening:

Maximum sustained winds are estimated near 100 mph, with gusts up to 130 mph.  The minimum central pressure is estimated at 28.73 inches of mercury.

In addition to the potential for widespread damaging winds in the impact zone, very high wave action and storm surge can be expected along and up to 75 miles to the right (or Southeast) of where the center makes landfall this evening.  This will result in sea water being pushed up into the bays and flooding the adjacent coastal areas across much of the region.

Very heavy rains of 8-14 inches, with local amounts near 20 inches, can also be expected in this region.

For more details on the expected impacts of Jova, please see my earlier post here.

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