Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick Update on Snow So Far in the Northeast; More Detailed Post to Come...

As expected, snows began in earnest overnight over western Pennsylvania into West Virginia and have since developed Eastward into extreme western Maryland and extreme northern Virginia.  Snow continues to fly across much of this region at this hour, as noted on the radar mosaic image above.

Below is the same image but with snowfall totals for a few locations that have reported so far:

As you can see, most snowfall amounts range from 1-2 inches in the lower elevations to as many as 7 inches or more in the higher elevations.  This is the amount of snow that has fallen - but not necessarily accumulated.  Some melting has taken place due to warm ground conditions, but the snow will begin to accumulate at a more rapid pace during the day as evaporation cools the ground and the snow continues to fall.

Snowfall amounts of 1-2 inches are also starting to come in from around the Pittsburgh area.

The image below was just posted on twitter from State College, PA.  A snowy scene at the stadium at Penn State:

At this point it doesn't appear as though my original forecast from yesterday evening has really changed all that much, but I'm working on a more detailed update with any revisions to the snowfall forecast, this time on a map zoomed in with greater emphasis on the region.  I'll have that post out shortly, so please be sure to check back to the homepage or refresh the "10 Most Recent Posts" menu on the right hand side of the page.

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