Sunday, October 9, 2011

Very Strong Winds Working Toward Florida Coast...

The above image was just taken from the Melbourne, FL doppler radar, in wind velocity mode. This is the mode in which the radar estimates the wind speed and direction motion toward and away from the radar site.

I have highlighted 2 patches on the imagery where the radar is estimating 70+ mph winds, about 35-45 miles off of the coast, to the East of Melbourne.  At this distance, the radar is measuring the wind at about 3,000 feet above ground  (or sea) level.  At the surface, the winds are probably on the order of about 60 mph.

The small red dot between the two areas of stronger winds indicate where the radar is suggesting the center of the low pressure is located, which is about 49 miles East/Southeast of Melbourne.

During the last hour, a wind gust of 47 mph was recorded at the Melbourne airport.  The data buoy located 20 miles East of Cape Canaveral continues to show steady winds of about 45 mph, with gusts of around 55 mph at this time:

Sustained winds are likely to increase along the east-central Florida coast into the 35-45 mph range, with gusts up to 60 mph possible this evening.  Take the time now to secure loose light weight outdoor objects to prevent them from blowing around in the increasing winds.

For more information on this storm system affecting Florida, please see my earlier post here.

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