Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Major Snowstorm of Season Getting Underway in Rockies...

It's kind of hard to make out as darkness has settled in,. but the above traffic camera on I-25 in Cheyenne, WY shows snow falling steadily and already accumulating on the ground (including parts of the roadway, it appears).

Snow will continue to fly across the region tonight and into Wednesday, with well over 20 inches likely to accumulate in the mountains to the West of Cheyenne, Denver and Colorado Springs.  The image below is the latest forecast of snowfall accumulation through Friday from the GFS model, which appears to be spot-on so far with regard to the snow event in the Rockies:

The majority of the snowfall on the above image will take place between now and this time tomorrow, except for the New Mexico portion of the forecast, which will linger into Wednesday night and early Thursday.

If we take the same model data and zoom-in on the Front Range and Foothills of Colorado, you'll see the image below:

The model is currently forecasting 8-12 inches of snow for most of the Denver Metro area, 6-10 inches for much of Colorado Springs, and 4-6 inches for the Pueblo area.  Heavier amounts will be possible immediately West of those cities, along the Front Range and Foothills.

I pointed out that the first snowfall forecast image from the GFS was valid through Friday for a reason.  That same model is forecasting snowfall to accumulate across portions of New York, northern Pennsylvania and on into portions of New England late Thursday into Friday as well.  Here is another look with a focus on that region:

We'll have to monitor forecast trends for this region over the next couple of days to be more precise, but it appears that the first measurable snow of the season is on the way to this region as well.

Based on what we're seeing right now, it is entirely possible that snow will be on the ground in the Northeast with a hurricane or tropical storm making landfall in far south Florida simultaneously this weekend!  What a week for weather nuts!

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