Monday, October 17, 2011

Recon Mission Finds Strongest Winds Far from Center of Invest 95L...

An Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft is currently completing its mission into Invest 95, the disturbance we've been talking about for several days now, near the Yucatan Peninsula.

The center of the system is located just immediately offshore to the East of Progreso (see image above).  You can see a small swirl to the clouds in that location.  The aircraft found 40-50 mph surface winds, but they are displaced well to the Northeast and East of the center of the system (as noted in black on the image above).

The fact that the center has been over or very near land for the last 12 hours or so has likely prevented widespread development of stronger sustained winds near the center of the system.

Named storm or not, heavy rains continue across far southern Florida at midday, and will increase statewide during the next 12-24 hours as this system slowly approaches from the West.  Winds will also be on the increase across Florida by tomorrow, and this system is shaping up to become a rather potent storm (again, whether tropically named or not) across the Eastern Seaboard later this week.

I'll have an updated, detailed post on the latest outlook for this system from Florida to New England later this afternoon...

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