Friday, March 2, 2012

Mid-Afternoon Severe Weather Update...

This is a "mobile" post, as I'm not currently at home base. Hope to be back soon to follow things more closely and provide more frequent updates.  This will be of special interest to people living in the Midwest, Ohio and Tennessee Valley region and the Deep South, as well as students taking weather classes from online universities.

Anyway, the severe weather and tornado outbreak continues to unfold, unfortunately, as we feared...  

There are numerous storms with active tornadoes in progress across the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, into the Deep South:

In particular, the metro area of Louisville, Kentucky has severe, supercell storms with a history of tornadoes moving in from the West.  Please be ready to head to shelter in this area!  

Tornado Warnings are in effect for the counties in red, with severe thunderstorm warnings for the counties in yellow on the image below:

Folks in the Cincinnati and Nashville areas need to keep an eye to the West, with severe storms moving in your general direction...

This event will continue to spread East/Northeast across the Ohio, Tennessee Valleys and into the Deep South through late this afternoon and into this evening.

Tornado Watches continue for a large part of this region:

Please stay on alert across this region.  If you live ahead of this activity in an area that has yet to be affected, please take the time now to review severe weather sheltering tips and have a shelter in mind so that you can move there at once if severe weather approaches you.  

The storms today are moving very fast, at speeds of 60+ mph.  Depending on where you live in relation to the storms, you may have very little time to react if a warning is issued for your be ready!

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