Friday, August 6, 2010

Colin II

As expected on the last post on the subject, Colin has regenerated and late yesterday became a tropical storm once again.  You can call him "Colin the 2nd" if you want to, but the Hurricane Center will refer to him just as "Colin".

The above satellite image was taken just after sunrise and is a beautiful picture of the circulation associated with Colin.  You can also see additional thunderstorm activity bubbling up around the center, particularly on the right side of the system.

As of 7am Central Time this morning, winds were estimated at 45 mph.  Colin was centered about 400 miles South/Southwest of Bermuda, and moving North/Northwest at about 10 mph. 

On its present track, Colin will pass to the West and Northwest of Bermuda during the day Saturday, as a tropical storm.  A tropical storm warning has been issued for the island of Bermuda.

Present indications suggest that Colin will remain East of the U.S. Coast, being steered Eastward by a developing trough of low pressure.  We will need to monitor this developing trough closely, as any change in location or intensity could result in a change in the track of Colin.

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