Saturday, August 28, 2010

Danielle Passing Southeast of Bermuda

As of the 4am CDT advisory this morning...the center of Hurricane Danielle was located 320 miles Southeast of Bermuda.  Maximum sustained winds were near 110 mph, making Danielle a strong Category 2 storm.  

Danielle is moving toward the North at 9 mph...and this general motion is expected to continue today, with a gradual turn toward the Northeast.  

Tropical storm force winds currently extend about 205 miles outward from the center of Danielle.  This would tend to limit tropical storm force wind potential on the island of Bermuda to just gusts within passing thunderstorms along the outer edge of the system.

Residents of Bermuda should not only continue to watch Danielle until she safely passes later today and tonight, but also keep an eye on Earl, which could impact the area later next week...

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