Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Wonders of Technology

I finally broke down last weekend and bought an iPad.  I've always been a techno junkie, but never a Mac or Apple freak.  I've never owned a Mac nor an iPhone (though I would if Apple & Verizon ever got together).

So why take the leap into iPaddom?  I've been looking for a tablet computer for awhile, and it had a lot of the features I've been wanting, plus is (to me) ultra light and portable.  The 10 hour battery life is high up there on the likeability scale as well.

So naturally, what were the first apps that I looked for?  You guessed it - weather apps.  So far I've downloaded RadarScope and TWC Max+.  I'll give a detailed review of each once I've been able to evaluate them a bit further (so far, RadarScope gets 5 stars, but the verdict is still out on TWC Max+).

"RadarScope" reflectivity image on the iPad

A couple of the other major reasons I wanted an iPad was for e-books and reading the Wall Street Journal (I quit the paper subscription some time back and switched to the online version, but was tired of having to sit at the desk or with the laptop to look at the Journal online - and it just didn't have the same feel to me as the paper did).  I'll post a more detailed review later on, but so far the WSJ app for iPad is awesome.  It looks just like the paper but is updated live in real time like the online Journal you'd pull on the web.

iPad's WSJ App

I definitely feel myself being drawn into Apple's gravitational pull.  Look out Microsoft Windows, you may be losing a customer come my next computer purchase.  Somehow I think Bill Gates will still turn a profit - he isn't worried about losing my business.

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