Friday, August 27, 2010

Today in Severe Weather History for August 27

On this date in 1964, Hurricane Cleo struck Miami and South Florida.  It was the first direct hit on Miami in nearly 15 years.  Winds were reportedly gusting as high as 135 mph, and over $125 million in damage was reported.  Damage would have been far greater today given the vast increase in population, structures, etc., during the last 25 years.

The above radar image was taken by the Miami, FL WSR-57 and shows the center of Cleo about 12 miles North/Northeast of Miami.  (This is the very same radar that would be blown off the roof of the National Hurricane Center in 1992 during Hurricane Andrew).

Damage was widespread across the region, with storm surge causing major coastal erosion and flooding.

The system moved Northward and produced widespread heavy rain all along the Eastern Seaboard, with as much as 14 inches of rain reported in Virginia!

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