Friday, August 27, 2010

Danielle Now a Dangerous Category 4 Hurricane

We pointed out in yesterday evening's post that Danielle was likely to become a "major" hurricane soon...and that has already happened literally overnight.  As of the 4am Central Time advisory this morning...maximum sustained winds were estimated at 135 mph.  The center of the storm (as noted by the very impressive "eye" on the satellite image above) was located about 545 miles Southeast of Bermuda.

Danielle is currently moving toward the Northwest at 12 mph.  At this point we would typically be very concerned about a dangerous, category 4 hurricane moving toward the island of Bermuda.  The good news is that a trough of low pressure moving along the North American coast is expected to move out over the Atlantic during the next 24 hours.  This will cause Danielle to turn toward the North, then Northeast. 

At this point it appears that the center of Danielle will pass well to the East of Bermuda sometime late Saturday or early Sunday.  Residents of the island should remain on high alert and monitor the forecasts just in case something unexpected takes place.

Also, Bermuda, don't let your guard down after Danielle.  Earl could actually pose a more direct threat by mid-week next week.  Stay tuned!

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