Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beneficial Rains For Some ... More of the Same For Others...

The above image is the radar's estimate of total rainfall this afternoon & evening from thunderstorms across Western portions of the Texas Hill Country.  I've added the approximate locations of Junction and Menard, TX for your reference.

The dark red and purple/pinkish colored regions between Junction and Menard indicate what the radar estimates as 5-7 inches of rain.  The purple "dot" to the North of Junction is the radar's estimate of 8.08 inches of rain.

This rainfall was the result of slow moving (arguably non-moving) thunderstorms that formed along a stationary front across the Western part of the Hill Country this evening.

While good news for that region, the remainder of central Texas remained high and dry, despite very high humidity and a very unstable atmosphere.  Thunderstorms simply weren't able to form further East due to a strong capping inversion that was in place across the region.

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