Sunday, April 24, 2011

Very Strong Rotation in Storm North of Baird, TX

A tornadic supercell is currently moving Eastward at 20-25 mph, just to the North/Northeast of Baird, TX.  Below is the most recent reflectivity (rain, hail) radar image from the Dyess AFB radar:

In this next image I've noted the strong circulation visible North/Northeast of Baird...

...which is also confirmed by the following velocity (wind speed & direction) image from the same radar:

Remember, when examining velocity imagery, red shows wind blowing away from the radar, while greens show wind blowing toward the radar.  The radar is located near the center of the image, at the light blue "KDYX".

Residents of Moran and Ibex should take immediate tornado precautions, this storm is heading your way...

Very large hail of tennis ball size or larger can also be expected with this storm.

**Update 7:20 pm CDT:  The following video of what appears to be a multiple-vortex tornado was taken in the vicinity of Baird, looking Northward, as the storm passed (CAUTION:  4-letter word at about 18 seconds into the video, may not be suitable for younger ears):

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