Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Feature: 'Blog Status'

After numerous requests from my readers, I've added a 'status' indicator to the blog.  It is located in the top, smaller box to the right of the blogging column, and is labelled "Blog Status".

There are currently 3 status levels:
-Standard Blogging
-Elevated Blogging
-Live Blogging

"Standard" blogging is as the name implies, just regular ol', run of the mill blogging.  I may post once per day or 5 times per day, depending on whats going on.  While in this mode, posts may pertain to current weather events or summaries of a past event.  Other non-event related posts (i.e., weather news and technology, etc.), will also be made in this mode.

"Elevated" blogging means that I'll be making more frequent posts (usually once or twice per hour) concerning an ongoing or impending severe weather event.

"Live" blogging means that I'll be making very frequent posts (a weather play by play, if you will), concerning an ongoing severe weather event.  I may literally make a post every 5 minutes (or even less), so definitely refresh your browser frequently when we're in this mode.

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