Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Intense Tornadic Supercell Moving Into Birmingham, AL Area

***Update 6:22 PM CDT:

The storm seems to be undergoing some sort of transition or reorganization, with the tornadic signatures having weakened significantly during the past few minutes.  Still, if you are in the path of this storm, seek shelter as the tornado could reform at any time:

***Update 6:10 PM CDT:

Debris ball with damaging tornado noted by white circle in images below:

Cities of Center Point, Pinson, Chalkville and Clay are next in the path of this dangerous tornado at this time...moving Northeast at 60 mph.

***Update 6:00 PM CDT:

Based on the present track of the storm, the Western and Northern sides of Birmingham are at greatest risk of this damaging tornado.  The cities of Tarrant City and Fultondale should also be in shelter:

***Update 5:51 PM CDT:

Residents of Birmingham, a very dangerous tornado situation is moving rapidly your direction.

This intense storm is moving Northeast at 55 mph.  Seek shelter now!!!

***Update 5:44 PM CDT:

The debris ball and other circulation signatures on radar are even stronger now than when originally posted just a moment ago:

The warning provided in the original post still applies...

----------------Original post below:

A massive supercell with likely tornado is moving Northeast to the Southwest of Birmingham, Alabama at present.  Below is a recent reflectivity (rain, hail, etc.) radar image of the storm:

...and below is the velocity (wind speed & direction) image of the same storm:

This dangerous storm is moving toward the cities of Birmingham, Hueyton, Bessemer, North James, Hoover, and Homewood.  Seek immediate shelter in and near these areas!  The white encircled portion of the radar images indicates what appears to be a "debris ball" meaning that a tornado is on the ground and causing damage, sucking debris up into the storm which is being reflected back to the radar.

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