Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Latest "PDS" Tornado Watch Issued for Alabama...

The above watch is valid until 10pm CDT.  Very large hail and long track, damaging tornadoes are possible in and close to the watch area.  A similar Tornado Watch is in effect to the immediate West over much of Mississippi until 7pm CDT.

"PDS" stands for "Particularly Dangerous Situation".  Only a relatively small percentage of all Tornado Watches issued by the SPC contain such language.  It is meant to alert residents of the extraordinary danger associated with this particular situation.

If you live in Missississippi, Alabama, or adjacent portions of Tennessee, please stay alert this afternoon & evening.

Residents of Georgia:  this dangerous activity will spread into the Northwest third of your state late this afternoon and into this evening (including the Atlanta area).  Additional watches are likely to be issued for your area later today.

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