Friday, April 22, 2011

Images of Fires Near McDonald Observatory in SW Texas

The above images show Black Mountain, located in the Davis Range in southwest Texas, burning on April 17th.  These were controlled burns initiated by the Texas Forest Service to try and reduce "fuel" on the mountains surrounding the area.

Thunderstorms have brought much needed rains to parts of southwest Texas for the past 2 days, but mainly to the East of the Davis Range.  Texas Governor Rick Perry is encouraging Texans to pray for rain to ease the drought and wildfires that continue to rage across much of the state.

A nearly stationary surface boundary and several weak upper-level weather disturbances will bring chances for rain to parts of Western and Northern Texas over the next 5 days:

While beneficial rains are forecast for some parts of the state experiencing wildfires, the bone dry far West and Southwest portions of the state are forecast to receive little to no precipitation.  Oklahoma looks to fare much better with this upcoming bout of rain, which is certainly good news for the Sooner State, which has also been experiencing a high number of wildfires over the last month.

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