Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tornadic Storm Moving Toward Raleigh Area

The impressive supercell thunderstorm in the center of the radar image above (taken just a moment ago) produced a tornado that caused significant damage in the Broadway area during the last half hour.

This very dangerous storm is moving in the general direction of Raleigh.  This storm is racing Northeast at nearly 70 mph, which means people in the path of this storm must act now.  Residents in the path of this storm should seek immediate shelter!

Note the very impressive rotation on the velocity mode of the same radar (remember, greens show wind motion toward the radar - reds show wind motion away from the radar, which is located at the "KRAX" to the right of the center of the image):

The small tornado icons on the radar images denote where damage has been reported recently.  The pink polygons are current Tornado Warning areas.

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