Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Eastern Tennessee

The above image was taken from the Knoxville, TN area radar just a moment ago.  You can see a line of thunderstorms, some strong to severe, moving Eastward into the Eastern portions of Tennessee.

Severe thunderstorm warnings are noted in red, tornado warnings are noted by the purple polygons (near the Georgia border).

This activity is moving into an area that is less unstable than further South and West, and according to a recent statement by the SPC in Norman, OK, they are not certain that a new severe weather watch will be issued ahead of the line over eastern Tennessee at this time.

None-the-less, heavy downpours of rain, some hail and gusty winds can be expected with central and northern portions of this line as it continues Eastward this afternoon & early evening.  Further South along the line nearer to the Georgia / Alabama borders, a stronger threat of severe weather, including an isolated tornado, exists as the air is more unstable in this region.

This won't be the last round of thunderstorm activity for eastern Tennessee.  Activity also continues further West over Western and Middle Tennessee.  We'll have to watch this activity as it progresses Eastward later this evening.

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