Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dangerous Situation Unfolding in Carolinas

The above Tornado Watch has been issued until 9pm EDT for the Carolinas and part of Virgina.  This watch includes the rarely used "enhanced wording":

The latest radar image below shows intense thunderstorms advancing Eastward into the region:

Conditions will become favorable for tornado development, possibly strong, this afternoon.  This includes the Raleigh/Durham, Lynchburg, Richmond, Norfolk, Fayetteville, Florence and Charleston areas.

Much of this region was also recently upgraded to a "High Risk" of severe weather by the SPC, also a fairly infrequent occurrence (pink outlined areas on the image below):

Severe weather, in general, is possible anywhere within the green outlined region on the above map.  Residents of the red and pink outlined areas have an even greater risk of severe storms, including possibly damaging tornadoes.

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