Sunday, April 24, 2011

Strong Rotation Just NW of Ranger, TX

Very strong rotation continues to be indicated on a supercell thunderstorm just northwest of Ranger, TX.  This dangerous storm is moving East at 20-25 mph.  Below is the latest reflectivity (rain, hail) radar image of the storm:

I have noted the strong rotation on a copy of the same image below:

...and this rotation is confirmed by the velocity (wind speed & direction) image from the same radar:

Remember, when examining velocity imagery, red shows wind blowing away from the radar, while greens show wind blowing toward the radar.  The radar is located off of the screen toward the bottom left corner of the image.

Very large hail (tennis ball size or larger) and a tornado are possible with this dangerous storm.  If you live in Ranger (especially North of town), Strawn or Gordon, seek immediate tornado shelter!


Anonymous said...

Glad to find your blog, having recently moved from Lubbock, TX to Norman, OK. where tornado activity is more prevalent. I think Oklahoma recently broke a record for the most tornados in a day and for the month of either March or April.This is home to some weather people but I have not yet learned to properly use the information I'm sure is available. I'll be reading your blog to find out what's happening not only in Texas but up in my neck of the woods also. Thanks.


Rob In Texas said...

Bill, thanks for the comment!

Without a doubt, you are now living in the "meteorology capital of the world".

Not only will you be able to look out the window and see just about any type of weather you can imagine throughout the year, but you are also in the epicenter of all of the weather technology and "smarts" that you can come by, with OU, the Oklahoma/National Weather Center, and the list goes on and on...

Enjoy Norman, and happy weather watching!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rob, I'm a big weather fan, having been in a couple of tornados and photographing others over the years. I'm going to be reading your blog on a regular basis and I hope you add your knowledge to anything happening up my way. Also have family in Austin and Wichita Falls. Thanks again.

bill in Norman.