Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Severe Weather Outbreak - Round 3 Today

Above is the latest severe weather outlook issued by the SPC for today.  Another rarely issued "High Risk" of tornadoes and severe storms is forecast within the area shaded in pink.  The area shaded in red has an enhanced risk of severe storms & tornadoes as well.  Some of the tornadoes that take place within the red and pink shaded areas could be long tracked and very damaging.

Elsewhere...severe thunderstorms are possible anywhere within the yellow shaded areas, covering a large part of the Eastern third of the country.

Severe storms have continued overnight, just as we expected yesterday, and the following watches (red = Tornado Watch, blue = Severe Thunderstorm Watch) are currently in effect:

If you live in the areas currently under a watch, and if you live anywhere in the red and pink shaded areas on the severe weather outlook image at the top of the post, please pay very close attention to the weather today.  Review severe weather safety plans and be prepared to seek shelter if threatening weather approaches your area.

Please check the blue "SPC" link in the first paragraph for any updates to the severe weather outlook & watches between my blog posts today, as I will not be able to keep a constant eye on things (especially this morning).


Shamrock said...

Hey Rob-sorry to bother you again. I can see the SPC map and I see that the NE tip of TN is under moderate...yet, when I read the text it says that there's a slight risk for the Appalachians....I'm confused. What does this mean?

Rob In Texas said...

Shamrock, thanks for the note. You'll want to keep an eye on the line of thunderstorms currently moving into central Tennessee. It will likely intensify this afternoon as the air heats up ahead of it. Strong winds would be the greatest threat from this type of activity.

You'll also want to keep an eye out later on today for any individual storms or clusters that are currently over MS/AL and western TN that could move up your way later this evening.

The line moving toward you now could stabilize things some where any storms that move in later would weaken, but you should still keep an eye out just in case...