Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Severe Weather Update

The composite radar image below shows widespread severe thunderstorms continuing across much of the Southeast.  The white circles indicate the storms that either have a tornado on the ground, or have a strong radar signature indicating that a tornado is possible at any time:

Probably the most dangerous looking supercell storm on radar at the moment is along the Alabama/Georgia border, North/Northeast of Piedmont, AL:  

This very dangerous storm will cross the border into Georgia shortly, and is heading in the direction of Cave Spring, Cedartown and Six Mile.  If you live in or near these areas, seek immediate shelter.

The SPC has just issued a "PDS" Tornado Watch for northwest Georgia, southeast Alabama, extreme northwest South Carolina and southwest North Carolina.  This watch includes the Atlanta, Greenville, Asheville and Montgomery areas:

...and is in effect until 2am EDT.  "PDS" refers to the rarely used wording "This is a Particularly Dangerous Situation..." which is indeed the case this evening.

Other watches that remain in effect at this time are shown on the image below:

If you live in these areas, or to the immediate East of these areas, please remain alert and be prepared to seek shelter if threatening weather approaches your area.

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