Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Severe Weather Update - TX Hill Country

The above image of the San Angelo radar was taken just a few moments ago.  Strong to severe thunderstorms continue across the western part of the Hill Country, generally along and West of a line from Junction to Coleman, and back toward San Angelo.

Unfortunately, you can disregard the green and blue "fan" of radar echoes extending East of the storms, out toward the I-35 corridor.  Those returns are in association with higher level clouds streaming out to the East of the thunderstorms (see below).  No precipitation is reaching the ground in this area (unfortunately).

The activity is really moving very little overall, which believe it or not has lead to a threat of flash flooding in some areas with repeated heavy rainfall between Junction and San Angelo.

The sky is darkening in the Austin area and along the adjacent I-35 corridor, but don't get your hopes up just yet.  What we're actually seeing is the large "anvil" canopy from the storms to the West overspreading the region, as shown on the visible satellite image below:

The red arrows represent the flow of the anvil canopy out toward the I-35 corridor.

There is still some chance of additional thunderstorm development along the frontal boundary further East into central Texas, however with each passing hour between now and sunset, that chance will diminish.

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