Monday, April 25, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Arkansas & Vicinity

The radar image below was taken just a moment ago from the Little Rock radar.  The severe thunderstorm activity in Arkansas appears to be transitioning into a damaging wind event, as noted by the white arrows in the 2nd image below.  Isolated (but still possibly strong) tornadoes remain possible within the rotating comma head of the system, which is noted by the white circle in the 2nd image below:

Significant damage reports are coming in from the Mayflower and Vilonia areas, northwest of Little Rock, from a tornadic storm earlier this evening.  Reports indicate that the damage swath is as wide as one-half mile in places.  There are also reports of citizens being trapped by debris at this time.  Please lift this area up in your prayers.

This dangerous line of intense thunderstorms will continue advancing Eastward across Arkansas, and will impact adjacent portions of southwest Kentucky, western Tennessee and northwest Mississippi (as well as a part of northern Louisiana) throughout the late evening and early part of the overnight hours.

Residents in the affected areas are encourged to keep abreast of the latest weather information and listen to local media for the latest statements and possible warnings.

The latest Tornado Watch to be issued East of this line is in effect until 12 Midnight.  Additional watches (and warnings) will be forthcoming, so please say alert in these areas:

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